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this happened a few weeks ago I am a manager of a hotel on the east coast had a group of visitors in one week there were 6 couples and single women for their own account, was about 50 n -age Spanish all week was flirting with her, as I sextube have always seen as a bit of harmless fun never had anything come of it. these women had returned to flirt commetn because he had not seen a good order of months. we could say that was a case worthy of big busty for their age and after the first night of flirting, she had to always show your clevege low necklines. flirtation spent almost all week, until one night when everyone went to bed at the hotel we were talking about sitting in the lounge with a quick drink before going to bed. I turned around and said to be found in an empty room and a shower, sextube when my room just a bathroom, to which she replied, my room has a shower, you are cordially invited to come and use, if you want, need. Now I sat there and thought they were¿ I can use this, so to hell, why not intended, and I said if you are in it with me. I heard you looked at me and said, I think it could be arranged. We looked at each other and then went to kiss him. He lowered his hand and began to my cock, which was made ​​more difficult by the problem seconds. At this point I slid my hand on top and started playing with her ​​nipples. to kiss, she opened his fly and pulled my cock of his now fully erect and stuck his head down to lick and then in the mouth. After 5 minutes since I suck, we went to his room. As soon as the door was closed, we were each other cloths and kissing and touching sextube the ribs all the rest fall in bed kissing two still slipped into her open cunt Fingures range, the drop was moaning and making her tremble. Fingures more slowly and then slid my hand sextube into her pussy, I could feel her body tightly, as the cam soaking my hand and the bed. I took my hand sextube and the staticRTS fingure ass, what she said, I love being fucked in the ass, but my husband does not make me surprised when I only thought. milly after a second I think I should stop lifting legs took my cock still hard in my hand moved to her butt hole and golden inside. I fucked in the ass to scream and run that this was too much for me to empty my load in her ass. Took I pulled my cock from her dripping in both of our juices on my knees I looked up and started sucking me again, not much waitresses again i shot my load, but this time in the mouth, which is ran over his face sextube stayed with this woman on her knees before me wanting more. but since then to work the next morning, I said, I need my shower and go where they agreed and gave me a kick sextube in the shower what happens in the shower and on the last night she was there for another occasion
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